Features You Can't Ignore

Offering a range of features crafted to save your time and trim down the content curating process.

Automated Content Aggregation

Automatically fetch content from various sources, such as RSS feeds, social media platforms, and other websites, and post it on your blog.

Content Curation and Customization

Set parameters for the type of content you want, like specific keywords or topics, and the plugin will curate content based on these settings.

Affiliate Link and Source Linking Integration

Automatically insert affiliate link and convert keywords into affiliate links, or you can set specific URLs to be replaced with affiliate links.

20+ Autoblogging Modules

Automate content, maximize efficiency, and unlock new monetization opportunities!

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20+ Autoblogging Modules

Autopost Facilities

Discover the Ease and Efficiency of Autopost Facilities with multiple campaigns!

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Autopost Facilities
  • Facebook
  • Open AI
  • Youtube
  • iTunes
  • Sound Cloud
  • RSS
  • Reddit


WP Content Pilot Pro Integrates with Major Networks!

  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Flickr
  • Best Buy
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
Open AI

Open AI

OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 seamlessly integrate with WP Content Pilot, empowering WordPress users to automate content creation and curation for an enhanced and efficient website content experience.



Google integration with WP Content Pilot transforms WordPress websites, leveraging the power of Google services. Experience seamless content management and enhanced functionality for a dynamic online presence.


Effortless Content Generation with AI

WP Content Pilot revolutionizes the way digital content is created. This is an AI engine that simplifies content generation, making it more efficient and creative.

This plugin is especially useful for bloggers, marketers, and website owners who need to produce high-quality content regularly.

The AI-driven process ensures that each piece of content is unique, SEO-optimized, and aligns with your brand's voice, saving you hours of writing and editing time.

Easy Campaign Scheduling Dashboard

WP Content Pilot is ideal for content managers and social media coordinators who need to maintain a regular posting schedule across different channels.

The intuitive dashboard and the scheduling function allows you to automate the content publishing with consistency.

With just a few keywords or a basic outline, create a clear overview of your content pipeline, making it easy to plan and execute your content strategy for your specific audience.


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Best Auto-Blogging plugin

Best plugin. Outstanding features. Very easy to use for my auto blogging . And the support team response is very fast. Thank you so much.



Great Plugin

Great support and the features the plugin offers are exactly what I was looking for.




Let's check out the possibilities of our WP Content Pilot.

The plugin keeps posting articles on your site at a predefined interval using your chosen keywords and sources and maintaining your website fresh and updated.

Automate Content Curation

Set up WP Content Pilot to search for articles and posts related to your niche, ensuring a constant flow of fresh, relevant content for your website.

Import Social Media Content

Connect your Facebook pages, open groups, closed groups, and personal profiles to WP Content Pilot, allowing you to import and share engaging content from various sources.

Monetize Your Content

Utilize WP Content Pilot's automatic affiliate link insertion feature to generate revenue from your content by promoting products and services from your chosen vendors.

Schedule Posts

Plan your content strategy by scheduling posts at specific intervals, ensuring a consistent posting schedule that keeps your audience engaged.

Customize Content

Use WP Content Pilot's advanced settings to fine-tune the content you import, such as filtering by word count, language, or specific sources, to ensure the highest quality content for your website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is WP Content Pilot, and what does it do?

-It is a powerful content autopilot plugin for WordPress to automates content creation and publication. It retrieves content from various sources and posts it on your WordPress site at regular intervals.

2. What sorts of content sources does WP Content Pilot support?

It supports a variety of content sources platforms RSS feeds, YouTube, Vimeo, and Amazon products.

3. Can I customize the content before publishing?

Yes, you can set up filters, templates, and spin content to ensure that it aligns with your site's style and standards.


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